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In December 1883, the first pig society in England was founded. It was incorporated in 1884 as The British Berkshire Society. The first volume of the Herd Book was issued in 1885. The society amalgamated with the National Pig Breeders Association in 1927. This organisation is now known as The British Pig Association, and is based in Cambridge. The Berkshire Pig Breeders Club in its current form was founded in 1983 for three reasons; to promote the Berkshire breed, to further communication between breeders and encourage the keeping of pedigree Berkshire pigs.
The British Pig Association was founded in 1884. The Association is the official breed society and maintains the Herd Books for the following breeds: Berkshire, British Landrace, British Saddleback, Duroc, Gloucestershire Old Spots, Hampshire, Large Black, Large White, Mangalitza, Middle White, Oxford Sandy & Black, Pietrain, Tamworth and Welsh.

The majority of our traditional native breeds have less than 500 sows, which puts them at risk of extinction. One of the most important tasks of the Association is to register the birth of all pedigree litters of pigs so that we can maintain and hopefully increase the number of registered breeding pigs in each of these breeds. Our target must be to lift numbers beyond the 1000 sow level to ensure the safety and survival of our unique genetic heritage.

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