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Our Pigs

smiling pigs

We have our own registered Berkshire herd called the Shingle Barn Herd. We are members of the British Pig Association who are the official breed society in the UK maintaining the herd books of pedigree pigs.Our pigs are fed twice a day, come rain or shine and they have a great life. They run around outside, foraging, wallowing and rooting, living a happy, stress-free life.

The pigs are truly free-range, meaning they are born outside and remain outside until they go to slaughter, at between seven and eleven months of age.We have our own butchery and process all our produce ourselves which we sell at three Farmers Markets in Kent.


Our Four Breeding Sows

Tink – Born January 2012
Floss – Tink’s daughter, born April 2013
Beckie – Born January 2012
Truffle – Tink’s daughter, born January 2015

Our Boar

We recently purchased a new boar, Boris. He was born in September 2015.
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